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St. Louis 1851 to 1876

The third part in this multi-volume history, A Divided City: St. Louis 1851-1876 tells how a great American city was torn apart in the years preceding the Civil War; how its divided loyalties led to civic bloodshed, martial law, and military occupation; and how - despite these challenges - St. Louis continued its rapid growth in population and prominence. The result of more than 30 years of scholarships, this definitive and compelling history tells the story of 25 critical years that would shape modern St. Louis.



St. Louis 1822 to 1850,

Explosive Growth from Town to City

The second part of this multi-volume history of St. Louis, Rising on the River tells the story of the boom town that rose to become the commercial hub and cultural capital of the American frontier. While the book is the authoritative and thoroughly researched result of more than thirty years of scholarship, it's also a work of vivid storytelling that will excite anyone interested in nineteenth century St. Louis.



A History of St. Louis

This book begins the story of the “Gateway to the West,” a settlement that would shape the end of colonial conflict on the continent, relations with the Native Americans, and the relentless westward expansion of the United States. Beyond the Frontier traces the social, economic, cultural, and political transformations of this frontier outpost. Before closing his masterwork, Dr. Hodes takes us on an unprecedented literary journey—an afternoon walk in 1820 through the small town, introducing us to the people who lived there and shaped its destiny.

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